BetSafe Services

BetSafe is the leading independent responsible gambling program provider in Australia. The following services are included as part of the BetSafe Responsible Gambling Program:


BetSafe specialises in addiction counselling and we have over two decades in working with gamblers. BetSafe provides telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling, crisis counselling and counselling for gaming industry staff.

All gaming venues in NSW are required to enter into an arrangement with an approved provider for gambling counselling services which will be made available to patrons. BetSafe is an approved provider.

BetSafe provides a free 24-hour, 7 day a week, 365 days per year gambling counselling service for patrons of BetSafe members and their immediate families. Immediate intervention is provided for crisis situations (when a patron threatens to self-harm) and follow-up is provided.

Counselling is immediate by telephone and face-to-face appointments. There is no waiting list. Appointments are arranged for the same day, or at the very latest, the following day. In addition to appointments during business hours, counsellors are also available outside of business hours and on weekends. Counselling focuses on practical strategies to assist gamblers and their families.

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Self Exclusion

Our self exclusion program is efficient and effective. BetSafe offers on-site self exclusion, off-site self exclusion and third party exclusions. We provide counselling assessments for excluded patrons who are considering whether to return to gaming venues. BetSafe has developed a web-based self exclusions process that enables venues to utilize the latest technology.

BetSafe has developed procedures to ensure that its self exclusion program is available in an effective, convenient process. Staff training ensures that staff know how to talk to patrons about self exclusion and can correctly process a request for self exclusion.

Many gamblers gamble at more than one club. BetSafe's multiple exclusion procedure enables a patron to self exclude from a reasonable number of venues at a time.

For those patrons whose gambling is causing harm but who refuse to self exclude, BetSafe has developed an involuntary exclusion process. When such a situation arises where an involuntary exclusion may be necessary, BetSafe will provide expert advice on how to proceed with the matter. All recommendations are in writing.

BetSafe also manages requests from patrons who wish to end their period of self exclusion. This procedure requires the excluded patron to provide evidence that they can manage their gambling, including an assessment interview by a BetSafe counsellor.

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The interaction of gaming venue staff with patrons is a most important factor in minimising the potential negative impacts of gambling. BetSafe trained staff are able to correctly respond to patrons who disclose a possible gambling. Staff are more confident, positive and productive after receiving BetSafe training.

BetSafe training courses are an integral part of the BetSafe program. BetSafe offer a range of courses including introductory Gambling Awareness, mandatory Responsible Conduct of Gambling (ACT), mandatory Gambling Contact Officer (ACT) and specialist courses for staff.

BetSafe training courses are available to all staff of BetSafe venues. BetSafe have developed a number of courses and also have accredited trainers for the mandatory Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (in the ACT).

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

BetSafe offers free counselling to the staff of member venues and their immediate families who may be affected by gambling, alcohol, relationship breakdown or other personal crisis. Referrals may be made to specialist services or other health professionals will be made where appropriate.

Gaming industry employees are at higher risk of developing issues with gambling and alcohol than the general population. BetSafe's Employee Assistance Program has helped many gaming industry staff to overcome their issues with gambling and alcohol and keep working in the industry.

Staff can self-refer to the BetSafe Employee Assistance Program and be assured of complete confidentiality.

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Compliance Advice

The gaming industry is highly regulated and there are many duty of care issues in providing gaming activities. Club management value BetSafe's compliance advice on all responsible gambling issues. Information is provided on specific questions relating to responsible gambling laws, possible risks of litigation, changes to legislation, court cases involving gambling issues and other questions of interest to clubs. This information is intended to reduce the exposure of the club to litigation or adverse publicity.

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Audit Program

To ensure compliance with legal requirements covering signage, advertising and related matters, BetSafe conducts regular on-site audits of member clubs and provides written reports indicating any areas which may require attention. This enables BetSafe members to be confident that they are complying with legal requirements.

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24-hour Staff Support Hotline

Duty managers and other staff can access the BetSafe helpline, available 24 hours 365 days per year. The BetSafe helpline can assist with:

  • Crisis situations, e.g. where a patron threatens to self-harm;
  • Assistance with processing requests for self-exclusion;
  • Advice on how to respond to incidents which may involve gambling;
  • Information to ensure compliance with the legislation, and duty of care issues.

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Policies & Procedures Manual

A full set of Responsible Gambling policies and procedures are set out in each club's BetSafe Policies and Procedures Manual. These manuals are updated regularly to incorporate new and current legislation. The Policies and Procedures Manual provides detailed information about the practical application of responsible gambling legal requirements, financial management, minors policy, self-exclusion, and more. The manuals provide forms, flow charts and a wealth of other information.

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BetSafe member venues have access to a comprehensive collection of BetSafe signage, brochures and stickers. BetSafe have a range of mandatory and non-mandatory signage which can be displayed throughout the club in order to inform patrons about the clubs commitment to responsible gambling. A number of brochures have been developed to inform patrons about various forms of help along with self-assessments and strategies to ensure that gambling does not become a problem.

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