Lodge a Complaint About the BetSafe Service

As a privately run service, BetSafe had voluntarily adopted the Code of Ethics for Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Services, developed by the Responsible Gambling Fund.

Complaints Process

  • You will receive an acknowledgement and information sheet.
  • The service/worker will be informed of the complaint and given an opportunity to respond (if authorised).
  • An investigation will occur as required.
  • We may ask you for additional information.
  • Both the person/worker subject of the complaint and the recipient of the complaint will be informed of any resulting decision or action.
  • At no time will your personal details be divulged to the subject of the complaint without your permission to do so.

Your Details

Agency Details

Service Name:

Complaint / Ethical Issue

Information related to the complaint or ethical issue - What happened? When did it happen? Who was involved?
What are your main concerns?
What things would you like to happen?
Have you made a formal complaint through any other complaint body about the same matter? (if yes, please give details)
I understand that this complaint may be released to the individual to whom the complaint is about or other people dealing with this complaint, a copy of my complaint, and my personal details, if authorised. If you have concerns please specify: