BetSafe Client Charter

As a privately run service, BetSafe had voluntarily adopted the Code of Ethics for Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Services, developed by the Responsible Gambling Fund.

Working in partnership to reduce the harms caused by problem gambling...

Practitioners will provide the best possible service and care for clients by:

  • Being respectful and fair, regardless of social, cultural or religious background
  • Providing clear information to explore options and make informed choices
  • Facilitating the continuation of counselling
  • Undertaking work within their professional competence
  • Treating your information confidentially

Clients will enable workers to provide the best possible service and care for themselves and others by:

  • Being respectful and fair
  • Providing clear information to assist the counselling process
  • Attending appointments or informing the service of your inability to attend
  • Making concerns or complaints known to the service

Developed by Responsible Gambling Fund, NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, July 2006.