Are you experiencing gambling harm?

For most people gambling is a recreational pastime and a form of entertainment. They bet what they can afford, and enjoy it regardless of whether they win or lose.

However for some, gambling may begin to create problems in various areas of their lives, resulting in the loss of money they cannot afford. This may be money that has been set aside for rent, bills, food or other essential payments. The consequences of gambling harm are not only financial - emotional stress can affect marriage, relationships, work and health.

The following are possible indicators that a person has is experiencing gambling harm. Do you:

  1. Gamble more than you can afford?
  2. Promise to stop or control your gambling but find you cannot?
  3. Display remorse after a gambling session?
  4. Borrow money and have difficulty repaying it?
  5. Have unexplained absences from home or work?
  6. Gamble longer than you had planned to?
  7. Gamble until the last dollar has gone?
  8. Gamble to escape from worries or troubles?
  9. Experience severe mood swings and get depressed, nervous or anxious?
  10. Get complaints about your gambling from those close to you?
  11. Chase your losses?
  12. Gamble to win money to pay your debts?

If you answered YES to 4 or more of the above questions, then you may benefit from support. Please check out our Gambling Counselling Services page for a comprehensive listing of free gambling counselling services in every state and territory in Australia.