The BetSafe Responsible Gambling Program

The BetSafe Responsible Gambling Program was developed in 1998 by the late Paul Symond. BetSafe is considered the leading program of its kind in the world and now has a membership of over 80 clubs in NSW and the ACT. It is a detailed, comprehensive and integrated program that has been proven effective for more than 23 years.

The Productivity Commission in its landmark report on Australia's Gambling Industries said:

BetSafe, an initiative of a number of large New South Wales clubs, represents the most thorough and coherent approach of its kind.

BetSafe is a complete program that gaming venues can either adopt and implement immediately or modify to suit their specific requirements. If modification is required, BetSafe staff will advise and assist in every area.

BetSafe aims to cultivate an environment which opens up avenues for people to come forward before they hit crisis point, in other words create a safety net approach. We all acknowledge the recreational and social side to gambling but need to be more than just mindful about the group of people for whom gambling becomes anti-social.

Staff regularly visit BetSafe member venues to ensure compliance with legislation and BetSafe procedures and provide immediate advice on all responsible gambling queries.

BetSafe provides a combination of effective staff training and comprehensive policies and procedures; together with a well-resourced counselling service and self exclusion program, which ensure that the highest level of support is available to those patrons who realise that their gambling is out of control, and importantly, are ready for help.

For more information on the BetSafe Responsible Gambling Program, call us on 02 9874 0744.