What is Self Exclusion?

Self exclusion is a responsible gambling measure that assists the recovery of problem gamblers and a preventative measure for those who have periodic difficulties controlling their gambling expenditure. The problem gambler agrees to keep out of the gambling venue and the gambling venue agrees to assist the gambler to keep out.

Venue staff will remind the problem gambler of the self exclusion agreement and ask the problem gambler to leave if they try to enter the gambling venue.

It is the primary responsibility of the problem gambler to take steps to manage their own problem. They should not try to "test the system" or expect the gaming venue to do all the work. Although gaming venue staff do their best to enforce a self exclusion, they are not expected to act as police.

BetSafe recommends a minimum period of 6 months self exclusion. During that time the person should take active steps to overcome their gambling problem, particularly to seek gambling counselling. Once the person feels they can manage to control their gambling, they can apply to end the self exclusion. BetSafe will require some evidence that the person can manage their gambling before ending the exclusion.

There is no cost to join a self exclusion scheme.

Who can benefit from Self Exclusion?

A person who feels they have a problem with controlling their gambling expenditure should consider participating in a self exclusion scheme. The person may experience a strong urge to return to the gambling venue from time to time. They may be thinking about recovering gambling losses or have some other reason that gives them the urge to gamble. That urge can be very hard to resist. Self exclusion will assist them to resist the urge.

Self exclusion works best when combined with gambling counselling. A gambling counsellor can assist people to understand the reasons why they gamble and develop strategies to stop or control their gambling. BetSafe can provide gambling counselling or refer people to an appropriate gambling counsellor.

How can I participate in Self Exclusion?

Contact the venue where you gamble and ask about self exclusion. All gambling venues in Australia should provide a program to allow problem gamblers to be able to ban themselves from gambling. If the venue does not provide you with information and assistance, contact the government department responsible for gaming regulation in your state or territory.

The gaming venue will require a photo for identification and will ask you to sign a Deed setting out the terms of the self exclusion. Once you have signed the Deed, you cannot change your mind and return to gambling. It may be necessary to resign your membership and redeem any player rewards.

To self-exclude from NSW clubs & hotels, visit our Online Self-Exclusion section.

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