Consultancy Services

BetSafe provides consultancy services on responsible gambling issues to a range of gaming industry providers including casinos, Clubs, hotels, gaming machine manufacturers, internet gaming industry, governments, poker leagues, industry associations and international gaming providers. Our clients have included casinos in 3 States and a major gaming machine manufacturer. BetSafe was instrumental in establishing the Global Gaming Guidance Group, and independent responsible gambling accreditation agency.

Duty of care issues and the risk of litigation ensure that responsible gambling issues are a priority for the gaming industry. BetSafe has developed or advised on many responsible gambling programs and understands the importance of effective systems that reduce the possibility of litigation.

Our knowledge is based on years of experience working with both the gaming industry and consumers. We have expertise in all areas related to responsible gambling programs, including counselling, staff training, compliance auditing and legal.

We can provide advice and assistance in the development and maintenance of highly effective programs of responsible gambling. This includes the evaluation of existing programs, recommendations for improvement, advice on areas of exposure to duty of care risks and development of program upgrades.